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How Social Networking For Business Can Help Fix A Car

June 2, 2018

Social networking can help fix a car. This sounds like funny joke but a well-designed campaign brings a lot of ways that a person can fix a car fast. What is even better is that the social networks are available anywhere there is an internet connection.
1. Selling to the list quickly
One of the biggest things a person can need when fixing a car is money. If this was an emergency and car was broken down, then a business person may need the money quickly to get the car repaired. This is why a list can be invaluable. If the list was built over the social networks, then they can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. An offer can be created within minutes and be pitched to the list within minutes. This means that money can roll into the account within minutes and the cost of repairs … Read more

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How To Market a Business With QR Codes

April 9, 2018

Quick response codes have been around since about 1992, but have only recently become an effective advertising medium with the continued popularity of smart phones and apps designed to easily read the codes. A survey done near the end of 2011 showed that over 20 million cell phone owners scanned QR codes over a three months period. While this is not a huge number, more and more people are getting smart phones as they become more affordable.
The big question is whether quick response codes will become an accepted and effective marketing tool alongside print and internet media platforms. The answer is most likely yes, and below are some of the ways you can take advantage of this emerging tool to market your own business.
QR codes, for those who aren’t familiar with them, are bar codes that can be scanned by mobile phones that then give the user a … Read more

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Business. A Smarter Means To Work Collectively. GitHub

December 30, 2017

Setting up an online business seems to be an easy task, especially for those who are internet savvy. However, there is no guaranteed income you can obtain from this particular business if you don’t have proper planning. If you are a new comer in this industry, I would advise you to set a realistic goal and work towards it accordingly.
Let me share with you how to work out your goal:
Step 1: Plan what you want to “sell” online
Before you set a goal, you must have some rough ideas about what you want to do through internet. There are many things you can do online. It is not necessary for you to sell physical goods. You can also make money by providing services to people. Hence, you are suggested to consider what form of business you want to do. It can be in the form of online store … Read more

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Social Media Marketing – How’s Your Social Customer Service?

December 23, 2017

There are so many different social media platforms that it can sometimes be very difficult to decide which platforms you are going to use.
A big question you can ask yourself: Where are my customers?
And the next bigger question you can ask yourself: Are your customers mobile?
Walking down the street, going to a mall, normal everyday activities, take a look around. How many people are on their BlackBerrys, the iPhones, all the different devices that we have today? Are your customers people who are mobile?
If they are, then you definitely want to make sure the social media platforms you decide to use are mobile too. Do they have a mobile app? Be sure you check that out!
For a great Twitter example, check out cPanel. cPanel has a number of different Twitter handles, different profiles. They are split up into different topic areas for cPanel’s customers. Examples … Read more

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Communication Skills for a Business Analyst

October 30, 2017

A large part of a business analyst’s role is communication. They would spent a lot of time speaking with clients, team members, project managers, team leaders and other stakeholders for a project. Communication skills get better with time, but it’s a good idea to practice yours, work on them, determine what your weaknesses are and improve on those as well. Areas such as listening, asking the right questions, speaking to people on the phone, group discussions and negotiation all form a part of the communication skills that you’ll need.
Requirements Gathering Is An Important Skill
Learning how to gather requirements is something you’ll need to know if you want to become a business analyst. Being able to speak with users, determine what their problems and issues are with current processes, and document them in a way they can be matched to a requirement of a system is something that takes … Read more

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