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Social Media Marketing – How’s Your Social Customer Service?

There are so many different social media platforms that it can sometimes be very difficult to decide which platforms you are going to use.
A big question you can ask yourself: Where are my customers?
And the next bigger question you can ask yourself: Are your customers mobile?
Walking down the street, going to a mall, normal everyday activities, take a look around. How many people are on their BlackBerrys, the iPhones, all the different devices that we have today? Are your customers people who are mobile?
If they are, then you definitely want to make sure the social media platforms you decide to use are mobile too. Do they have a mobile app? Be sure you check that out!
For a great Twitter example, check out cPanel. cPanel has a number of different Twitter handles, different profiles. They are split up into different topic areas for cPanel’s customers. Examples are people can complain, people can get information or they can provide feedback.
Splitting out your services into the different topic areas enables you to make sure the expert for answering those types of questions is getting only the types of questions. The will only see the questions and comments for their specific speciality, which will save you time and money in the long run.
Use different plug-ins to connect your profiles. Depending on where your customers and clients are, you may not want your blog to go to Twitter. You may not want your Twitter to go to your LinkedIn account. There are a number of different plug-ins that you can add to your WordPress site that will enable the automatic sharing of your information between the platforms. Take advantage of those.
Make sure that your message is getting out consistently to all of the different platforms that you are utilizing. You definitely need to monitor consistently, every day! (Yes I do mean Every Day) It sets a very bad example if you set up all your social media sites and then don’t use them.
Recently I found a musician that I really like on Twitter and I thought great, I’m going to be able to follow her, find out what she’s up to and what she’s doing. Only to find that it had been six months since she posted to her Twitter account. I was very disappointed. Don’t do that to your customers and clients.
Make sure that you are consistently monitoring all of your platforms and if you can’t do that by yourself, get help. It’s like going to a business in a busy mall on a Saturday afternoon and your door is closed, your door is locked and the sign says closed. The message you are sending when you are not consistently using social media you have set them up is Not Open For Business. (not good business social media!)
Don’t let your customers’, clients’ and potential clients questions go unanswered. Acknowledge them, answer them, if you can’t answer them right away let them know that you’ve seen the question and you will get back to them. Provide social media customer service you know your customers and clients are looking for.