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How Social Networking For Business Can Help Fix A Car

Social networking can help fix a car. This sounds like funny joke but a well-designed campaign brings a lot of ways that a person can fix a car fast. What is even better is that the social networks are available anywhere there is an internet connection.
1. Selling to the list quickly
One of the biggest things a person can need when fixing a car is money. If this was an emergency and car was broken down, then a business person may need the money quickly to get the car repaired. This is why a list can be invaluable. If the list was built over the social networks, then they can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. An offer can be created within minutes and be pitched to the list within minutes. This means that money can roll into the account within minutes and the cost of repairs can be handled by the sales with no money out of the business person’s pocket book. A situation like this cannot be done any other way. Having a list that is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection is one of the most freeing things a business owner can ever create for himself or herself.
2. Asking for advice over the network
If the business owner is handy and has the tools available, then they can ask for advice for how to fix the problem. They can usually have an answer within a few minutes of asking and get on the road as soon as possible. If they run into more problems during the car fix, they can ask the list again and get more answers. The process can be repeated until the problem is solved. There was no money to pay out and there was no tow truck. Just information shared over a social network (this could be made much easier with a social network that allows file sharing as well).
3. An exchange of services can get the car fixed
The list may contain someone who is good at repairing cars. The list owner could then exchange services to get the car fix. This would be of no cost to either person and the only thing it cost the list owner was the amount of time it took to get that particular person on their list. This may be the best idea if the list owner is strapped for cash and would rather use their services to pay for car repairs. However, this is not possible for a person who has not taken the time to create a list.
A list is an invaluable tool for a lot of reasons including repairing a car. What becomes useful is the creativity that a person with a list a can have in its use. The list can be leveraged in several ways including selling access to the list. However, the list is the most valuable thing a business owner can own. The time it takes to build the list is time well spent.